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Dedicated Hosting

What is Dedicated Hosting?

It’s an exclusive, dedicated hosting solution which ensures that you don’t have to share servers with our other customers.   You can configure it to run all the applications you need for any website or online service. You can choose to buy or rent your own dedicated hardware for hosting from us.

Why should I get Dedicated Hosting?

  • Avoid costs associated with in-house servers Get the benefits of an in-house server without actually needing to create the entire physical and virtual set-up for it.
  • Ensure increased reliability for your server N+N redundancy ensures system availability and reduces single points of failure, thus enhancing the reliability and availability of your server.
  • Get your site to do more Exclusive access to storage, a processor, bandwidth and memory plus increase uptime, reduce page load time and get faster access to your site.

Dedicated Hosting plans & costs 

Plan Set-up cost Monthly cost
Single rack R4,500 R10,500
Half rack R4,500 R5,500
One quarter rack R4,500 R2,800
Single U R150 R240
Single cage (2 Usable footprints) R8,000 R28,500

Features and Benefits

Avoid costs associated with in-house servers

  • Get the benefits of an in-house server without actually needing to create the entire physical and virtual set-up for it.
  • We do all that for you and give you full administrative control over your server.

Ensure increased reliability for your server

  • N+N redundancy ensures systems availability and reduces single points of failure, thus enhancing the reliability and availability of your server.
  • You also get unlimited access to the Vodacom Gigabit Hosting Backbone.

Get your site to do more 

  • With exclusive access to storage, a processor, bandwidth and memory, you get increased uptime, reduced page load time and faster access to your site.

Get all that you require for secure hosting together in one solution

  • Get complete support with hardware installation, configuration and testing, full remote administration of your server and SAN and back-up solutions.
  • If you already have your own hardware, choose the Vodacom Lodged Solution.
  • House your own web or apps server in a secure cabinet or cage in our highly advanced Vodacom Data Centre.
  • Retain full ownership of the hardware and all the software apps that run on it.
  • Keep full management control over your dedicated server.
  • Benefit from our world-class technology, infrastructure, network connectivity, environmental systems and security in our Vodacom Data Centre.
  • If you don’t have the required hardware, choose the Vodacom Leased Solution.
  • Lease a dedicated server from us, as well as secure cabinet space to house it in our Vodacom Data Centre.
  • Retain full management control over the server and run any software apps you require.
  • Hardware remains the property of Vodacom (with hardware monitoring and warranty maintenance).

Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager

What is Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager?

Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager is a dedicated virtual web or application server in a shared hosting environment to give you a complete and robust IT cloud platform with the highest levels of availability, responsiveness and full remote management capabilities. You can add or remove servers and server resources as required so your solution is fully scalable and you pay only for the resources you need. You also get a powerful, user-friendly web and mobile interface to manage your hosting easily and efficiently from anywhere.

Why should I get Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager?

  • Scalable Physical servers are generally under utilized (only 20% capacity used) and it’s a common occurrence in order to cater for future growth. With virtualization, your workload can be fully adapted as future needs arise.
  • Cost effective Because Virtual Hosting with Cloud Manager is a virtual service, there's no need to worry about hardware. You only pay for what you have and can add/remove resources on the fly.
  • Full security & redundancy Our hosting environment has excellent physical security measures such fire protection, cooling systems and back-up power generators as well as firewall and anti-intrusion software plus up to 99.9% uptime.
  • Manage workloads efficiently The Cloud Manager automatically creates and deploys workloads based on a service catalogue of predefined templates.
  • Latest functionality Get functionality that enables you to copy, configure, update and delete workloads. Generate reports on user activity and on a range of IT cloud parameters. Support We’ll be responsible for maintenance and management, and our engineers will provide technical support for the Vodacom Virtual Environment.

Managed Hosting

What is Managed Hosting?

  • Managed Hosting is an all-in-one IT management solution that covers hardware and software in a fully secure environment
  • It’s offered according to the IaaS model – where you no longer have to install and manage expensive on-site infrastructure; we provide it all
  • Depending on the level of service you need and your server requirements, you can choose a Standard or Comprehensive solution

Why should I get Managed Hosting?

  • Get your infrastructure without investment costs Get premium business-class infrastructure, comprising hardware, storage, network capability, back-up and disaster recovery – all you need at a low, fixed monthly fee. 
  • Know how your server is doing Get full reporting on server status, activity and performance every month.
  • Your server is well looked after  Your server is managed by our dedicated support team to ensure optimal performance and availability. 

Microsoft Office 365

What's Microsoft Office 365?

Designed for the 21st century workspace, Microsoft Office 365 lets businesses operate freely and securely with the Microsoft products you know and trust; enterprise-grade email, instant messaging, calendars, file-sharing and web conferencing. It adds fast, reliable and secure connectivity so you can work the way you want - on almost any device, virtually anywhere.

What's included in Microsoft Office 365?

Online Hosted business-class email and calendar sharing.

  • A 50GB mailbox per user.
  • Use your own domain name to send emails.
  • Robust anti-spam and anti-malware protection.

One Drive 1TB per user of online document storage.

  • Use controlled access to share documents with customers or partners. 
  • Sync online files to your devices for offline access.
  • Team collaboration site and internal web portals.

Access the latest versions of Microsoft Office tools.

  • Roaming for your documents, applications and settings.
  • Deploy Office on desktops quickly and effortlessly. 
  • Conduct web conferences with customers and partners using Microsoft Skype for Business.

Why get Office 365 from Vodacom?   

Microsoft Office 365 from Vodacom is a completely flexible solution which allows you to select all of the Microsoft products, or just the ones that are best suited to your business.

  • We’re the syndication partner with Microsoft for Office 365.
  • Our secure and reliable network connectivity means you can move to the cloud with confidence.
  • Vodacom network connectivity means you can move to the cloud with confidence.
  • Monthly billing through your Vodacom bill.
  • SA-based support – 24/7.

Features of Microsoft Office 365

A hosted, cloud-based IT solution which gives you the Microsoft Office products you know and trust, including Microsoft Office, SharePoint, Exchange and Skype for Business.

  • Exchange Online: familiar access to email, calendar, contacts and tasks across PCs, the web and mobile devices.
  • SharePoint Online: create sites to share documents and information with colleagues, suppliers and customers.
  • Skype for Business: next-generation communications capabilities, including Presence, Instant Messaging (IM) as well as PC-to-PC audio and video calling.
  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Plus and Office Web Apps: the latest version of all Microsoft Office applications seamlessly connected and delivered with cloud services so you can access your documents, email and calendars from virtually any device.

Benefits of Microsoft Office 365

  • A hosted, cloud-based IT solution with no upfront investment required in on-site equipment.
  • Use it across almost any device; smartphones, PCs and tablet devices.
  • Enterprise-grade security with 99,9% guaranteed uptime.
  • Simple monthly ‘per user’ fee for everything.
  • Be more responsive to customers and colleagues.
  • Work from virtually any place on almost any device with familiar applications and consistent formatting.
  • Stay connected and collaborate with colleagues, suppliers and customers wherever you are.
  • A simple and affordable solution that’s easy to set up, manage and use – no ongoing costs for equipment.
  • Suits businesses of all sizes – big and small.

Microsoft Azure

Product overview

Microsoft Azure is a holistic and synergistic set of commonly used infrastructure elements such as virtual machines, storage, operating systems and applications that allow customers to rapidly deploy and manage business information systems within a public or hybrid cloud. Our Vodacom professional service removes the complexity of cloud adoption by providing experts to assist with designing cloud migration strategies for Azure and also providing ongoing support. Utilizing our Cloud Connect product, you will be able to access Azure via Express Route.

Our service promise

  • Access to a team of Microsoft Azure certified experts.
  • A dedicated project manager during migration projects.
  • 24/7 operational support including escalation capabilities.
  • Option of fully outsourcing the management of your environment.

Product specifications

  • A virtual data centre with varied storage and virtual networking elements.
  • Option of hybrid or a full cloud disaster recovery plan with dedicated resources.
  • Provides database as a service capabilities beyond database licensing.
  • Leverage our skilled resources for data centre transformation services.

Office in the Cloud

What is Office in the Cloud? 

  • With Office in the Cloud, you rent all the latest technology devices and services from us and host your software in our cloud environment – saving on purchasing and maintenance costs
  • Office in the Cloud offers all the key components that you need to run and manage an office virtually
  • You can choose the components you need for your office
Component Description
  • Thin Clients, alternatively retain your current end user device for use with this solution
  • Screens
  • Keyboards
Telephony Cisco IP Phones + Call Manager
Printer  Shared Printer priced per 10 users
Operating Systems Microsoft OS XP or 7
  • Microsoft Open Office
  • Microsoft Office Standard or Professional
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Hosted Microsoft CRM
  • Hosted Microsoft SharePoint
  • Customer in-house application
  • Hosted Exchange Basic 25MB – 2GB data sore
  • Hosted Exchange Standard 50MB – 4GB data store
  • Hosted BES 
  • Back-end infrastructure and technical support
  • Customer support

Why should I get Office in the Cloud?

Get started as soon as you want The initial set-up is very quick and it takes less than five minutes to create a user.
No need to maintain your own IT department  We do all the monitoring and reporting that you require. Our skilled engineers provide helpdesk support virtually.
Stay current with regular upgrades Get regular hardware and software upgrades and instant access to software through the app store.

Reduce your IT spend 

  • No initial capital outlay - you pay a fixed monthly fee to a single provider
  • Increased lifespan of your on-site equipment by up to 12 years, by using cloud clients
  • Up to 70% savings on electricity through the use of Wyse green computing devices
  • FREE on-net calls through a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solution • Better control of your software and better license management through your self-provisioning portal

Better business management

  • Your work need not come to a halt at any time because you can access virtual desktops on any device that’s compatible with a WMWare-client
  • Avoid downtime and do more through our back-up systems and solutions, secure data storage and multiple connection methods
  • Regular hardware and software upgrades
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