Mobile & Voice


Make calls without worrying about high bills

  • Save up to 30% more on monthly phone bills.
  • Get comprehensive coverage anywhere, anytime.
  • Make calls within your business branches and to others.
  • Ability to port your land line numbers to Vodacom.

What is VoIP?

  • VoIP uses the latest IP technology to provide high quality voice transmission services
  • It’s managed and designed for businesses and large corporates 
  • You can combine voice and data transfer over the same line, providing an integrated package, with a single point of accountability and service 

Why should I get VoIP?

  • Easier than ever to manage No need to get a separate phone or PBX for your business; our VoIP service connects to most Private Branch Exchanges.
  • Flexible and competitive call rates No surcharge beyond the fixed cost that you pay for your Internet connection and VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) minutes.
  • Don’t lose sleep over infrastructure No capital investment required. All you need is Internet connectivity and we manage the rest.

The Vodacom VoIP product portfolio consists of these core services:

VoIP – Interbranch

  • Connects your company's various geographically distributed PBXs to the Vodacom MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) IP network.
  • It allows voice calls between branches to be routed seamlessly via the Vodacom MPLS IP network.

VoIP - Local & National

  • Lets you save significantly on calls made to anywhere in SA.
  • VoIP calls are carried nationally over your data connection on our MPLS IP network, to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

VoIP - Cellular

  • Calls made to other cellphone users are routed over the Vodacom data network.
  • This eliminates the possibility of network congestion, poor voice quality and latency.

One Net Express

Never miss another business call

  • Designed for SMEs to manage all incoming calls whether you're office-based or on the move. 
  • A mobile virtual assistant that integrates desk phones, cellphones and voicemail.
  • Link your fixed-line number to selected cellphone numbers so that calls never go unanswered. • Create a WiFi Internet zone using the 3G desk phone.

Why should I get One Net Express?

Mobile Virtual Receptionist

  • Auto Attendant, a mobile virtual assistant intelligently routes calls.
  • Calls are directed to the right person or department, so you never miss a business call.

Set up call groups

  • By creating Hunt Groups, your customers can call one number to reach your business. Calls can be intelligently routed to the right person or department, so every call is answered. 
  • Create multiple Hunt Groups and each member gets 500 FREE on-net minutes to call each other.

All the benefits of a landline

  • Enjoy a single ‘landline number’ that integrates your 3G desk phones and cellphones without having to actually install a landline.
  • You have the ability to port your landline number to our Vodacom network.
  • Create a WiFi Internet zone using your 3G deskphone.          

What do you get with One Net Express?

  1. Create up to nine caller groups (Hunt Groups) – customers dial one number to reach any business department. For example, “Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for Support”.
  2. Each employee added to the One Net Express service gets 500 FREE on-net minutes.
  3. Auto Attendant – this virtual assistant service directs customers’ calls to the right department.
  4. 3G deskphone and landline number for office-based employees with flexible package options.
  5. Conference Call Advanced - have a telephonic conference call with up to 25 people on any South African network (prevailing price plans apply).

* Non-Vodacom customers will have to port to our network to enjoy full product benefits.

One Net Business

What is One Net Business?

One Net Business is a leading range of all-in-one cellphone, landline and video-conferencing solutions for your business.

Vodacom One Net Business provides enhanced Unified Communications features and functionality that will integrate your fixed and mobile telephony services and lines, offering a true convergence experience.

Why choose One Net Business?

Vodacom One Net Business provides a simple solution for companies struggling with the cost and inefficiency of missed phone calls and complex mobile and landline phone systems. Designed for businesses of all sizes, it enables flexible working within a pay-as-you-grow model.

Benefits to your business

Vodacom's One Net Business services provides all the benefits of:

  • Voice
  • Instant messaging and presence
  • Video collaboration
  • Content sharing through a single platform
  • A range of IP phones and soft clients that will enhance the fixed and mobile converged experience

Video Collaboration

Real-time, face-to-face collaboration beyond the boardroom.

  • A fully managed and custom-made video conferencing service 
  • Available for meeting rooms, desktops, cellphones and other portable devices
  • Share information and data plus view documents at the same time
  • Share desktops for optimum efficiency   

What is Video Collaboration?

Video Collaboration is a fully managed custom-made video conferencing service available for meeting rooms, desktops and portable devices such as smartphones, cellphones and tablets. You can share desktops to get more done in less time and make team meetings more productive by breaking down distance barriers and enabling quick decisions.

All Video Collaboration services run across our all-fibre network and you connect to the network through your existing Internet connection. Our technology detects the type of connection and customises the video conference feed to give you the best quality and performance.

Types of Video Collaboration services.

Meeting room

What it does:
Connects groups of people in meeting rooms across different locations 

Who it’s for:
Medium to large businesses

What it includes:

  • Network points (both multi-point and point-to-point)
  • Necessary audio-visual equipment, including high-definition screens
  • Standard and high-definition cameras and microphones


What it does:
Connects individual desktops to each other  

Who it’s for:
Individuals and small-to-medium size enterprises

What it includes:

  • Equipment like headsets, cameras, and video phone
  • Software that makes it all possible


What it does:
Enables video collaboration on the road  

Who it’s for:
Travelling executives and business representatives from small-to-medium sized enterprises

What it includes:
A web-based solution or an app that can be loaded onto a GSM smartphone or tablet 

Why should I get Video Collaboration?

  • Dedicated Onsite IP PBX Don’t waste money on hosting conferences and save time spent on travelling to and from meetings
  • Care for the environment Limit the carbon footprint of your company with less travel and reduced paper usage.
  • Hosted IP PBX Our infrastructure, provides high-quality transmission with less lag and reduced interruptions

Dedicated Onsite IP PBX

We’ll run your communications onsite while you run your business.

  • A PBX that switches calls between VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) and PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)
  • Leverage our strategic relationships with Siemens HiPath and Cisco Unified Communications Manager
  • Deployed at your offices and managed by us

What is Dedicated Onsite IP PBX?

  • An IP PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a system which switches calls between your regular public communications network and VoIP.
  • It includes a comprehensive set of PBX features and functionality, IP handsets, voicemail applications, telephone management systems and voice recording.
  • We bring you the expertise of Siemens HiPath and the Cisco Unified Communications Manager range of onsite IP PBX solutions.
  • It’s deployed on your business premises and managed through our partners.

Why should I get Dedicated Onsite IP PBX?

  • Hassle-free set-up No extra dedicated IT personnel needed – we’ll do all the technical integration for you.
  • Superior quality communication Leverage our strategic relationships with Siemens HiPath and Cisco Unified Communications Manager for all your communication needs.
  • End-to-end service We provide a complete solution with PBX services, access, VPN and VoIP minute termination.

Hosted IP PBX

Let us run your communications using the cloud

  • Hosted platform uses the flexibility of the cloud
  • Offers full OPEX solution meaning no CAPEX outlay
  • Provides high security and easy scalability 
  • Get a range of IP handsets
  • We’re a single supplier for implementation, support and billing

What is Hosted IP PBX?

  • The Hosted IP PBX solution has all the features of a traditional Private Branch Exchange but is hosted in the cloud, so you don’t have to worry about managing or operating it.
  • It has the added benefit of being highly secure and easily scalable to growing business needs.
  • It comes with an affordable, monthly OPEX fee as opposed to an expensive, upfront CAPEX investment.
  • We run our voice and Hosted IP PBX services over a network with a dedicated Voice Class of Service that offers superior voice call quality.
  • Ability to port in geographic numbers from any network to our Vodacom network, allowing us to become your end-to-end solutions provider.

Why should I get Hosted IP PBX?

  • Hassle-free set-up No need for extra dedicated IT personnel – we’ll do all the technical integration for you.
  • Use seamless data and voice communications Communications are hosted on a unified platform, giving you superior data and voice exchange quality.
  • Manage your bill easily Superior cost management and forecasting, with a predictable and affordable monthly fee, prevents bill shock. 

Hosted Call Centre

Let us help you create powerful connections with your customers.

  • A fully modular call centre service
  • Offers software that can help run and manage your physical call centre 
  • Choose only the modules that suit your business needs 
  • Remotely access our data centre and leverage our infrastructure

What is Hosted Call Centre?

  • Our Hosted Call Centre solution is a fully modular call centre service.
  • It offers call centre management software and services that you can use to run and manage your physical call centre. 
  • It’s offered on an OPEX costing model, which means no CAPEX investment .
  • Choose one or more of the modules offered by Hosted Call Centre, such as Voice Inbound or Voice outbound 
  • Includes messaging, reporting, intelligent routing, scripting and recording, plus more!

Why should I get Hosted Call Centre?

  • Hassle-free set-up Just choose the modules that you need and we’ll have your call centre service up and running quickly. 
  • Reduced overhead costs Save money on set-up, maintenance, technical expenses as well as hardware and software costs. 
  • High reliability Built on our next-generation access fibre network, the solution guarantees high reliability and availability levels.   
  • Exceptionally easy to manage A user-friendly interface allows you to configure your call centre processes without the need to employ expensive technical resources. 
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