Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)

What is the Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)? 

Networks are continually under attack. New types of attacks must be identified and prohibited in a manner that allows network managers to be aware of the nature of the attack and its source.  

Vodacom Business Cybersecurity Intelligence Centre (CIC) offers the following to your business:

  • Cyber-Threat Analysis: Correlating reputable cyber-threat intel with customer security events
  • Cyber-Threat Identification: Alerting customer of identified cyber-threat incidents
  • Cyber-Threat Response: Initiating incident response process for customers to mitigate cyber threats  

The Vodacom Business Cyber-security Intelligence Centre (CIC) offers cyber defence against unauthorised activity within our customers’ computer networks, by:

  • Gathering and aggregating security-relevant event logs from customer security devices.
  • Correlating these events with reputable 3rd party industry cyber intel.
  • Monitoring, analysing (trends and patterns) and detecting cyber-threat incidents.
  • Alerting customers of, and reporting, on potential and actual security threats.
  • Using a team of highly specialised cyber security analysts.
  • Enabling our customers to respond to cyber-security threats with appropriate countermeasures in order to prevent cyber-rsecurity incidents.

Why choose Cyber Intelligence Centre (CIC)?  

  • Continuous threat analysis from security-related event logs and other external threat feeds.
  • Monitoring, detection and analysis of potential intrusions in real time.
  • Respond to confirmed incidents by communicating with appropriate customer-approved resources.
  • Engineering and operating SIEM (Security Incident and Event Management) technologies and data collection/analysis systems.
  • Detect potentially malicious adversaries or unwanted activity that warrants further attention by the CIC analysts.
  • Collect, analyse and, optionally, retain hundreds of millions of security event logs every day for later extraction and use by the 

Secure Remote Access

What is Secure Remote Access?

Increased connectivity and worker mobility is leading to the breakdown of the traditional network perimeter, and both are contributing to sensitive data being shared with people and systems within and outside organisations. This trend requires different individuals and departments to have controlled access to data, while ensuring disclosure requirements comply and are managed in accordance with corporate governance controls.  

Authenticating users has become a security best practice, but once is not enough. Public-key infrastructure (PKI) authenticate the user at first logon but leave the session open to hacker attacks. With continuous mutual authentication and encryption during every transmission between client and server, 2-factor authentication reduces the potential for data theft and fraud, by closing the window of opportunity for hackers.  

Our 2-factor authentication SSL VPN utilises best-of-breed appliances to ensure end-to-end secure connectivity into your environment. Coupled with our mobile experience, it delivers a fully converged solution through any device with Internet capabilities. There’s no client software required thus making it a truly clientless SSL VPN.

Benefits for your business  

  • Prevent unauthorized access to corporate information and IT resources.
  • Corporate access control
  • 2-factor authentication via SMS
  • End user confidentiality
  • Minimising total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Access from anywhere
  • Maximising productivity
  • Clientless VPN
  • Ease of use

Perimeter Security

What is Perimeter Security?

Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) for protection against malicious attacks, are seen as the most critical first line of defence ensuring a secure network. A managed hosted shared or dedicated Vodacom Firewall solution provides the maximum level of perimeter protection to our customers' internal network connectivity to the Internet, including optional bulit-in UTM (Universal Threat Management) features.

Perimeter Security solution offerings

Managed Hosted Shared Firewall

The shared firewall solution is a cost-effective outsourced solution. In the shared hosted model the service will be available, provisioned and managed via a shared, multi-tenanted UTM (optional) device and managed by Vodacom Business. The shared hosted model will be monitored and managed by a centralised management platform that resides in a Vodacom Business Data Centre.

Managed Hosted Shared Firewall

The dedicated firewall solution is outsourced, providing security services as one complete perimeter security package. This dedicated firewall solution consists of:

  • Firewall (optional failover/high-availability)
  • Intrusion Prevention (optional)
  • Network Anti-Virus (optional)
  • Web Content Filter (optional)

Managed On-Site Dedicated Firewall

An on-site firewall solution is outsourced, providing a security service on the customer's premises, with limited management. A variety of firewall hardware model options, with either single to failover service for SME to enterprise environments.

Virtual Hosting Firewall

The Vodacom Business Virtual Hosting offering requires firewall protection. If the customer does not have a firewall (on-site, dedicated hosted or shared hosted) then the Virtual Hosting firewall will be included in the separate Virtual Hosting offering.

Professional Services

What is Vodacom Professional Services?

Planning, building and managing your infrastructure is crucial to optimising your network security. Vodacom Professional Services, together with our trusted and respectable security consulting partner, have both the experience and knowledge to make sure that your network is secure by offering a wide variety of consulting and compliance services to meet your requirements.

Our Professional Services

Compliance Audits

This offering is designed to assist companies with identifying and prioritising their requirements to obtain PCI, PoPI, ISO 27001 and other industry-related certification.  

Vulnerability Assessment

CIC members work with system owners and system admins to holistically examine the security architecture and vulnerabilities of their systems through scans, examining system configuration, reviewing system design documentation and interviews.   

Security Awareness

Let our experts guide and advise on your security strategy with our security awareness training of your employees.  

Penetration Testing

Let our experts conduct a simulated attack against a segment of the customers' network to assess the target’s resiliency to an actual attack.  

Plan, build and run

Let Vodacom Business and our partners plan, install, configure and mature your onsite security services.   


Let our experts guide and advise on your security strategy with our consulting services.

Email Security

What is Email Security?

A fully outsourced email content filtering service for both incoming and outbound mail. The service is based on a market-leading email content security solution. With totally customisable filtering rules, it protects Vodacom Business SMEs and enterprise clients against email-associated threats by enforcing acceptable usage policies. The solution is designed to control the email traffic being received by a client from the Internet by blocking all unnecessary email before it enters the network in line with the client's policy needs.

Why choose Email Security?

Vodacom Email Security solution covers the following:  

  • Blocking profanity in incoming and outgoing email.
  • Blocking racist, sexist or other politically insensitive remarks, particularly in outgoing email.
  • Blocking sexually explicit images attached to email messages.
  • Blocking specific types of attachments for users, such as MP3 audio files, AVI video files and executables.
  • Restricting the size of incoming or outgoing emails.
  • Blocking outgoing messages containing sensitive or confidential information from unauthorized email accounts.
  • Adding customer specific disclaimers to all outgoing messages.

Enterprise Mobility

What is Enterprise Mobility?

Enterprise Mobility provides end-to-end customisable mobile solutions, allowing you to leverage our expertise and successfully navigate the mobility landscape, while mitigating any business risks. With our range of mobile applications and devices, staff can work smarter and better no matter where they are by always being connected to the right information at the right time.

Benefits to your business

  • Increased staff productivity on the road and in the office.
  • More accurate decision-making.
  • Fully-managed service from Vodacom Business so you can focus on your core business.
  • Improved accuracy through more efficient processes and less errors.
  • Reduced overheads through streamlined processes and less paperwork.
  • More visibility on location of mobile workers so they can be tracked
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